Friday, May 16, 2008

Larcilieisms keep us hopping

The kids spent the afternoon hanging from tree branches a la Von Trapp Children, singing 'Let's Go To the Movies' from Annie. And then the gems were coming thick and fast at bed time...

C:I like Belgian people. They're suuuuuper nice. And they talk funny.
(since we were playing with Belgians, the above isn't entirely random...)

D: What was your top favorite part of playing today?
C: Playing in Ellie's room
D: What did you play?
C: Orphans, but we had our own house...
D: Oh good, what did the orphans do?
C: Go to bed
D: OK...?
C: Yeah, we were reading stories...
(If only I'd known it was so simple...)

C: Did I like "Whisper a prayer" or "Kum ba ya" better when I was a baby?
Mom: I think "Kum ba ya"
C: Oh yes

C: Can you sing "Kum ba ya" for us? It reminds me of cheerios, the hearts of cheerios!
(note for the averagely well informed: contrary to all children pretty much everywhere, Cecilie has NEVER liked cheerios, much less hearts of cheerios...)

C: I am afraid of Australian brush fires...
D: Why?
C: Well they could burn our house down...
D: I think it would be extremely unlikely we would have an Australian brushfire here in Balti...
L : I am afraid of dogs
D: Why?
L: They lick me, all over...

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eileen said...

class 'isms' - had me chuckling!

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