Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Parties and politics

I heard an interview last week of a voter in Ohio, and the leading question was: "Are you an issues voter or a party voter?"

I am a believer in ideology and it is with sadness I accept that ideology plays no, or at best a very small part of modern political life. Never mind the fact that I was not eligible to vote yesterday. I grew up thinking that populism was a bad thing, but I have come to understand that it is the only way to efficiently run a large democracy (if nothing else it makes for some entertainment...).

However, I am regularly challenged in finding a party, even in a multi party environment like Norway, or indeed a candidate that is a fit for me: and therefor I count myself among the disenfranchised...

I've got parties (mostly birthday parties) and I've got issues, and here they are, prioritized for you to pick on at your leisure, and give me guidance as to who I should (have) vote(d) for:
1. Civil liberties (including the right to tote guns and NOT recycle)
2. Family values (most importantly: free health care for everyone under 16, and creating an environment supportive of children and their development)
3. Fiscal responsibility / small government (yeah I know, makes free health care for every one under 16 a challenge, but that's the point of a prioritized list)
4. Individual economic freedom - a.k.a. liberalism, free market

2. and 4. has switched for me the last few years (I suppose I have gown soft or something), a living breathing beast this ideology thing of mine, not sure if that is good ideology...


Gasmeter said...

Not recycling is your number one issue?

torbjorn said...

Civil liberties is my number one issue (one of those is the right to not recycle, all civil liberties are equally important to me, personally I don't own a gun and try to recycle within reason)

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