Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Lars wins his first fight

To kill off any rumors that Lars is a weakling (see last blog...) the dad can proudly announce that Lars has won his first fight with a non-member of the family.

The episode took place at IKEA yesterday, as we were finishing off our lunch. Lars was having a grand old time with a little cart he was pushing around, and around, and around in the play area.

In the middle of his game he was accosted by a larger kid, trying to pry the cart away from him; I was about to step in telling the kid to find other hunting grounds, when Lars took care of business on his own - he pulled the handle back, flipped the boy over (in a move commonly referred to as a Half Nilsen) and I could sit out watching the grandma of the bully having to do emergency services...

Was it evil of me to smile at this? Should I have apologized on behalf of my son? I don't know, but even if it was a little evil...

...in a gesture of complete gentlemanliness, as we were leaving a few minutes later, Lars pushed the cart towards the boy, smiled and said: "thank, done" (that's about his whole vocabulary right there...).

I think he's a little too young to be maliciously rubbing it in, so I feel that mr Lars made up for the possible sins of his father right there, but
the boy turned away in a humph...!

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eileen said...

go lars go

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