Monday, November 6, 2006

Cecilieisms, hurrah!

Important background to the story: Cecilie is completely obsessed with Sound of Music. She & her Farmor spent many happy hours memorising the lyrics to all of the songs. She entertained my uncles on her birthday serenading them with 'Doe, A Deer'.

On the downside, 4 has been, shall we say, oppositional. Today I found myself in a ridiculous argument with her about whether she would play in jeans or in a dress. This was shortly after we got all calmed down from the tears and drama of finding out her Norwegian National Costume has bit the big one (fabric too old to repair, crazy story). So I hear her humming " When la la la..., when la la la..." to herself - then she bursts into song: "when my bunad tears, when my Mommy-says-I-can't-wear-my-yellow-dress, when I'm feeling sad, I simply be-member my favourite things, and then I don't feeeeeeeeeeeel so baaaaaaad!..."

She got a little self conscious when she turned around to find me on the floor in hysterics, and my mom trying to keep a straight face.

The other high point of my day was finding her with one of my silver choker necklaces on her head, and asked what the heck she was doing. She looked at me with utter scorn and said "I'm being a holy angel, of course." Then she offered to make Lars a holy angel, but he was off like a shot.

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