Monday, November 6, 2006

A Nilsen Weekend

Reflecting on the title of this blog, it occurred to me that lots of our headings are self-referential (Nilsen Weekend, Life at the Yellow House, etc.) If you'll indulge me in a little bit of pop psychology, it seems glaringly obvious that we are downright delighted to be a little nuclear family again. It may be that the novelty will wear off in a while and we'll return to our regularly scheduled programming of sarky in-joke headings.

Speaking of returning to regularly scheduled programming: I was talking about our weekend. Sheesh.

This was the weekend of Princesses on Ice. BFF Lauren Mattison and her dad joined Cecilie and Torbjorn for an expotition into Baltimore to see Disney's finest. Ariel was the headliner, given that she's the most recent re-release on Special Edition DVD, but all the ladies were there, even a pumpkin coach made of gold. But before they could even rub the fairy dust out of their sleepy eyes, they were treated to a Princess Wake-Up Call: Cinderella called Cecilie, and Aurora called Lauren. I'm not sure what all was said, but Cecilie could not be convinced that it wasn't Lauren disguising her voice. By all accounts, the show was all that with a side of fries, dragons and evil stepmothers notwithstanding. Top it off with a giant pretzel and hot dogs, and you've got a perfect Saturday morning.

Lars was absolutely bereft, being left behind by his dad & sister. So Dad made it up to him with a long leaf-raking session, and Lars was careful to sweep them carefully back into place.

Then we headed South of the border to the Slears for a home-cooked pot roast, train building, and camping in the tent in the basement.

All this, and its only the end of Saturday??? I don't believe it.

Sunday meant work for Kirsten (and dinner with co-workers afterwards!), Sunday School and Grandma's house for Cecilie, and sweaty man work for Lars & Torbjorn around the homestead.

So there ya go - a few high points & special treats, and plenty of the mundane as well.

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