Thursday, November 2, 2006

Mea Culpa on Halloween-a

The Latin scholars in the crowd may take issue with the usage in this context, but as far as I'm aware it's a fancy way to say 'Sorry Guys, we suck.' (and around here, we are always looking for the fancy way to do things.)

We have borne the weight of unmet expectations for too long, and went ahead & "bought each other" our Christmas present: a new digital camera. It will be a long road, back into the good graces of our readers who have waited - and waited - for some news, any news of the Nilsens. Some photos, any photos?!?

So Halloween. The Snow Princess and her Court Jester lead us back into the world of the communicating. Lollipops were the ultimate booty, the sugar rush was intense, and Lars thought that every open door meant an invitation inside to play. Cousin Jack was here too, with his mom and dad. Jack was a fierce (but polite!) lion: at every house he would say "Trick or Treat, Rowwr!"

There is even a small photo of the Yellow House, which is quite cute but not so much improved since our last posting. Life is pretty good all in all, and we look forward to sharing news from Catonsville a little more often.

Again, everyone, sorry for the long absence!!


Familien Pettersen said...

Well, we bloody well love it! It'll give us a gorillaboot in our ass! We are happy to once again share our worlds! Getting cold here in Fl. Yesterday I wore a was overcast and 27 C...... :-)

Love from fl .

Anonymous said...

Boy what did they grow in a year! Again, we love the kids - but we love you too. So how about some pics of K&T for a change...? Just to appreciate that cute kids come from goood looking parents. Hugs Marwin

M&JE said...

We are happy you are back. Looking forward to some more pics. We miss you!

eileen said...

At last....and about bloody time. E x p.s. keep the photos coming....

Amanda said...

Most excellent. Glad you're back among the blogging.

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