Thursday, November 30, 2006


According to an English survey detailed in the Daily Mail today women spend an average of eight and a half years of their life shopping - which is good to know...

And here is the break down of the largest categories:

Trips per year
Average time spent per trip in minutes

Clothes 30 202

Shoes 15 162

Gifts 19 115

Accessories 18 98

Food 84 68

Window shopping 51 57

Toiletries 27 39


eileen said...

Kirsten and I did spend 7 hours once in Bluewater shopping centre in Kent - fair enough. We did notch up some hours on the window shopping front that day. These days, however, I think you will find that even if we had 30 mins to shop on-line, that would be a bonus.... E x (slightly feeling sorry for m'self and missing Kirsten...and you Torbjorn of course!)

kirsten said...

After much research, I have discovered the secrets to limiting the # of shopping hours: 1) have kids 2) get rid of the car and 3) live in a big old house that constantly needs repairs.

Man that day in Bluewater was EPIC. The stuff legends are made of. Missing you too Eileen!

Why is it that 30 mins online feels so hard??? This is a crazy life we lead...

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