Monday, September 7, 2009

Ripped off but enjoying every minute...

The first day of the weekend found the five of us at the Maryland State Fair. It is insanely over-priced food and entertainment, but the kids think it's just the bees knees. And who are we to argue about bees?
Or cows? Stopping in the Livestock Barn first off is a tradition

Annika pointing out the brand new baby chickies.

Aaah, mammary memories. All of the sudden one kid doesn't seem like much of a challenge.

Lars was relentless: all he wanted to do was "ride that HOLLAcopter!"

Cecilie playing it cool before the Pig Races and Swifty the Swimming Pig. The irony of the corndog at this particular event escaped her.

Let's go on record and say this is the first ever photo of Cecilie alone behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. She tore the bumper cars UP.

Lars wasn't quite old enough to ride alone, but he bumped along with the best of 'em.

Team Nilsen v. The Rest: I think we're winning.

Winning until the infighting causes us to turn on each other. The photographer can only watch in horror.

And there you go, folks. Three corndogs, one bag of cotton candy, one large cup of lemonade and a few thrills spills & bellyaches. Done with the fair for another year.

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format71 said...

There is no discussion on price when live stock is involved. It's always worth it! Especially when there are cows...

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