Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Millions of peaches

Day 2 of the weekend finds the intrepid Nilsens deep in the peach orchards. Is there any plan for bushels of fruit? Indeed there is not, but the memories, honey, just think of the memories.

The trick with peaches is to know when to stop picking them. They are so beautiful and so scrumptious, so alluring and so easy to pick and heck - suddenly you find yourself with 20 lbs of peaches and no deep freeze.
Just one more.  And one more. And one more!   We had to quit eventually (one time we got stuck with $60 worth of peaches.)  It's unanimous: onward to the blackberry bushes then.

Deep in the thickets we find a not-altogether-subtle allusion to the Garden of Eden. The kids' imaginations were less consumed with allegory and more with whether the snake would Eat Daddy. (For the record, we are reliably informed it was a common black snake, relatively harmless, but ENORMOUS. Really. Like, 6 feet long. Maybe 20. Or so.)

Lars makes the executive decision to haul his sisters out of harm's way in the Radio Flyer.

And is handsomely rewarded for his efforts. (This is one of the rarest photos in Christendom, ladies & gents, please ooh and ahh appropriately.)

Annika decided to give her lovin' to her mama, a port of refuge in the storm of enthusiastic siblings.


hezro said...

Love that photo of Lars getting rewarded. Sooooo cute!

L-A said...

So many cute photos! But I wonder if you would have much left to freeze with five people sharing 20 lbs of peaches?

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