Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New York, in pictures

On board the train from Baltimore to Penn Station. Cecilie brought along her journal to document our trip. I love how she looks like she's cooking up a good story.

We struck up a friendship with 8-yr old Madison over bagels in the snack car. She was hitting American Girl on Saturday (whereas our visit was Sunday), but the girls fit maximum silliness into the rest of the train journey.

First time on the New York Subway. She immediately commented how different it was from the DC Metro: "the Washington trains look much more It's much lovelier." She spent the rest of the subway trip dancing around the poles in the middle. It was - ahem - more innocent than it sounds.

She is incredibly well-informed on Lady Liberty's vital stats. We discovered that the copper used for the Statue was mined in Norway!

Cecilie's first effort at photo-journalism. (It was brisk up there on the top of the ferry!)

One of the many snack stops along our way. But the camera just couldn't resist those stripey tights.

Battery Park Playground - just before she dominated the monkey bars.

And then she showed the swings what's what.

Another documentary effort. She seems to be very fond of the knees & toes shots.

A soft pretzel after a long day's toy shopping at...

FAO Schwarz: Linda helps Cecilie make critical Barbie decisions

at American Girl Place: trying on the big girl outfits. We bring you.... Uptown Cowgirl.

Cecilie doing a little tap routine, she is so overcome by all the outfits

One of the highlights: brunch at American Girl Place. It was almost too exciting. Luckily Felicity the Colonial Girl kept her cool. She's got the mad tea-taking skillz, remember.


L-A said...

I seriously can't wait until I can do this with my daughter - or even my son! Looks like you guys had a fantastic time and made some memories she'll carry with her for the rest of her life (and you, too)!

Elemar said...

What a fun day! Thanks for sharing the memories with us via your blog!

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