Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's a DownHome Revival over here, I tell ya

Lars had a friend over today, who wanted to watch 'that seal movie.' The kids proceeded to empty the entire cabinet of DVDs in search of the elusive Norwegian-translated-to-English TV series Lars the Polar Bear. Tricky bit being that we have one movie only in Norwegian/Swedish/Danish, and then one film that is actually in English. The kids unearthed the non-English one. Following conversation ensues:

Cecilie: Oh no, not that one Lars, it doesn't come in American.
Lars: Well we can make it the language he knows.
C: Which language? Catholic?
L: [laughing] NO WAY, he doesn't know Catholic!!
C: Sure you do, J, you're like a Catholic kind of guy, right??

On Sunday, Lars sat in church with us, looking for relevant things about which to chat quietly with Mommy during the sermon. Mommy! Look at this! [in a loud almost-whisper, pointing to his Polo-insignia'ed shirt] It's the Lamb of God!

Before you get very alarmed by my children's theological education, Lamb of God is the school Cecilie attended last year, with a very distinctive logo. Let's go for a visual on this one, shall we??

Exhibit A:

Exibit B:

It is no secret that I think The Lamb of God School is about as good as elementary education gets. So I think, actually, I'm happy that my little guy sees the Lamb of God instead of Ralph Lauren's total world domination. Bless his cotton (non-Polo) socks.


L-A said...

Is it just me or does the Lamb of God look more like the Llama of God. It's got a rather long neck...

torbjorn said...

I am with you Lori-Anne, it would seem God chose alpaca for his wool in Baltimore

Betsy said...

You should have seen the Lamb of God float in the 4th of July parade last year. Now that was a Lama of God. But what a cute post. I laughed out loud! Thanks!!

kirsten said...

I was hoping you'd see this one Betsy - I was weeping tears of laughter in the kitchen. Jonah seemed non-plussed by the whole conversation. :)

And yes, L-A, there have been many Llama of God jokes 'round these parts. Especially at parade time...

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