Thursday, September 3, 2009

First day in school

Cecilie switched schools this year, and started 1st grade at our local elementary school. Her teacher is Ms Hughes, a very cute and energetic 20-something who Cecilie love love looooooves.

Here Cecilie and Mommy are composing a 'getting to know me' letter that Cecilie decided would be the best way to introduce herself to a new teacher.

NilsenLife personified: just before Cecilie takes off for the bus stop. Annika woke up just in time to say goodbye.

Caleb, Abbey and Cecilie: three first graders, three separate classrooms. South Prospect REPRESENTS! Here comes the bus after a long & anxious wait:

Our intrepid first grader boards the bus for the first time.

Right behind her is Maya, starting Kindergarten this year. So sweet!

This is Cecilie's official Brave Face that tells her parents she is thinking "holy cow, I am completely freaked out by all this, but a little amused at the same time." I'm pretty sure she didn't know we had the camera out at this point.

At the end of the day, the seasoned pupil steps off the bus, notices Mommy with the camera and says witheringly "I thought we were supposed to be picking kids up from school, not embarrassing them to death." And like that, we've entered the school years.


hezro said...

That's me on Tuesday! *AAAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHH*

kirsten said...

Is Oskar going into 1st, or kindergarten??

Amanda said...

In the last photo Cecelie looks like she's returning from a day at school, but the kid behind her looks like he's returning from a day at Krispie Kreme! I want to be in HIS class.

kirsten said...

yeah I don't know how Caleb got a crown & Cecilie didn't. But he's been known to charm a fair few things out of people. ;)

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