Thursday, November 24, 2005

The meaning of Thanksgiving...

Thanksgiving came and went without any peas...

What I am most thankful for is my wonderful family and the fact that thanksgiving seems to be severely under-commercialised (being wedged between Halloween and xmas and all), and all about eating!

Turkey is all good, but this year it was about the stuffing: most marvelous with two types of sausage and pine nuts, and the gravy: seriously divine. Have I ever mentioned I am a fan of my wife's cooking?

To me thanksgiving will forever be an ex-pat activity (or at least for now, maybe my own house will change it...) I have such awesome memories from England where the booze cruise loot was broken open and Kirsten one year went the full Monty and rubbed the turkey with ricotta and parmesagne -UNDER THE SKIN, before roasting and getting totally blasted with a crew of likeminded gourmands.

Two things are for sure even here in America: Thanksgiving to me is opening the first Port Bottle of the season (I almost cracked open the '94 Brad gave me -then I came to my senses) and getting my neck around the just arrived Beaujolais Nouveau, which this season seems quite "dry". Doesn't make for the easisest drinking tipple, but MAN it bodes well for the vintage frolm the villages!

As an aside, Lars decided (as far as a child can make such a decision) to go sick for the big day; which means he's been in this phlegmatic (read: drugged out) state the whole day, and mostly only wanting to veg out on our laps, poor boy.

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