Thursday, November 10, 2005

Washington DC Movies

I realize it's been a while since there has been an update at Nilsenlife, hectic hectic hectic is the reason for that, in three words...

Peter got me thinking, and really, there aren't that many good Washington DC movies. Having said that, Washington doesn't exactly claim to be a movie hot bed, but there are a handful of upstanding citizens of DC in the movie universe.

I think one of my favorite DC movie memories is watching "In The Line of Fire" with Rangvald, Paal & Thomas on our cross continental road trip back in the summer of '93 -- kind of like '69, just better ('69, I wasn't even born in '69 - Brian Adams can have that whole year all to himself...).

There is this scene in the movie at the Lincoln Memorial where Clint's had a talk with Rene Russo and as she walks away, he finishes his cigar and has the following conversation with Abe: If she looks back, it means she's interested. Come on, give me a look back now. Just give me that smug expression and be on your way. [Lilly looks back] Well, Abe? Damn... Wish I could have been there for you, pal.

A monologue of legend I am sure you would agree, but heading up to the monument and actually smoking a cigar while watching the sun set over Washington that same day, was like being in the movies, but better, awesome indeed!

Here's my humble handful, am I missing out on something good (with my score out of 10)?

Enemy of the State (8)
Minority Report (8)
The Silence of the Lambs (9)
Strangers on a Train (9) (a bit of a stretch to call this a DC movie, I know)
Traffic (8)
Wedding Crashers (7)

A number of movies did not make the shortlist...
Air Force One (6)
All the President's Men (7)
Arlington Road (ns)
Clear and Present Danger (7)
Conspiracy Theory (7)
The Exorcist (8) (I know, should be up there, I just don't like it THAT much)
The Manchurian Candidate ('04) (6)
Manhunter (7)
Mission: Impossible (7)
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (ns)
National Treasure (6)
The Net (6)
Quiz Show (6)
The Recruit (6)
Spy Game (7)
The Sum of All Fears (6)
Team America: World Police (ns)
Wag the Dog (ns)


bh said...

Hey Nilsen,

here are two Washington, D.C. films you failed to mention:

No Way Out (one of the better ones)
St. Elmo's Fire

Linda said...

I'm with you on Enemy of the State but then I can't believe you didn't have Arlington Road on your shortlist. I thought it was a very clever plot and the casting was excellent! And as for Clear and Present Danger -- who does not love Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan!! Also, I remain unconvinced about Wedding must be a (secret) Owen Wilson fan (as opposed to Eileen, whom everyone knows loves him)?!

Gasmeter said...

Well if you're listing the Tom Clancy/Jack Ryan films surely Patriot Games should be there as well. Starts out in London but then moves to Washington.

The book, of course, rather than some anonymous British Ambassador or Lord, actually features Prince Charles shooting the bad Irishmen, as well as confessing his undying love for Princess Diana to Jack Ryan.

Also, weren't the Kevin Costner films set in DC: Thirteen Days, and JFK? Both rather good, methought.

torbjorn said...

Haven't seen No Way Out, St Elmo's Fire, Thirteen Days or Arlington Road, suppose some of these should even go on my "to see" list, being set locally and everything...

I plain overlooked JFK (8) and Clear and Patriot Games (6)

Gasmeter said...

I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on 'Thirteen Days' and the beloved but flawed 'St Elmo's Fire'.

How do you rank the Washington-based
'Dave' and
'The American President'
where Kevin Kline and Michael Douglas, respectively, play fictional US Presidents, or
where Anthony Hopkins plays a real one?

The West Wing's Aaron Sorkin wrote The American President, and he also wrote
'A Few Good Men',
which is set in DC. I bet you like that film more than me. It's well written, but I can't stand the way Tom Cruise constantly makes Demi Moore look like an idiot.

torbjorn said...

Dave (6)
The American President (ns)
Nixon (ns)
A Few Good Men (7)

eileen said...

Yes, I love Owen Wilson...just thought I'd mention that again ;-)
- nothing to do with the price of fish, I know.

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