Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanksgiving Snow

So, it is the night before Thanksgiving, and wonder of wonders: snow is falling in Maryland!!!

It started snowing at supper, and Cecilie went amok:
C:"Its SNOWING, its SNOWING, for the first time in my life its SNOWING, isn't it wonderful?"
Daddy: "Cecilie it was snowing last winter, you made snow angels with Mommy and Daddy, remember?"
C: "Hmmm. Yes, the snow came in my eyes, but its SNOWING, its SNOWING, isn't this EXCITING?"

We huddled up in a blanket and went outside to dance while we were singing "Let it snow", snow came in her eyes and we had to go back in... I presume snow goggles should be top of her xmas gift list!

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