Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Stillness {Day 5} : Not Still at all

I knew there'd be days like this. Knew it from the minute I decided on my 31 Days topic.

Nothing wrong with today in the slightest - bright sunshine at long last, preschoolers playing together nicely, a few things accomplished.

But no stillness.  It was a busy busy day, full of kids and errands and school and laundry and... just normal. No moments of insight, no flashes where I think to myself this. THIS! and know I've found my Still for the day. 

But maybe it is there all along, on those days where there are no flashes, no insights.  The days that tick along gently, with crisp autumn air [finally!] pouring through open windows, little girls who have nothing more to break their hearts than a territory battle over a tower of pillows, big kids who do their homework without gnashing of teeth.

This is its own version of Still:  a quiet mind that navigates its day without major complaint. A contented heart that didn't realize its happy state until the quiet moments of the day in review reveal that actually?

There was stillness all along.


Varda said...

Girlfriend? You have 3 kids. Why did you ever think you would have even half an ounce of stillness in your life? ;-)

Just the same, I am THRILLED that you are a frequent flier here on you blog again. I have missed your beautiful voice. So if this mad notion of "Stillness" is what it takes to get you writing daily? I say "bring it on."

denise said...

This was an exquisite way to spend 5 minutes. Thank you for your beautiful prose. Stillness. Hmmmm. Something to (not?) think about.

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