Saturday, February 26, 2011

This Old Blog - aka So Two Thousand and Late

So you know this is one of the oldest blogs in the blogosphere, right?

Yep.  Yep.  Been typin' round these here parts since way back in Oh-Five.   'Course, back in the day, it was a lot more photos and a whole lot less of my own take on the world.  At that point,  with a three month old baby and a two year old, I was celebrating more than four hours of consecutive sleep in any one night and speaking in full sentences once in a while.

Now.  By the standards of modern blogging in 2011, this here blog is downright homely.  That's right - I said it.  Homely.  Not obnoxious, with huge blobs of multi-colored scrapbooking paper strewn about.  But just... plain.

I've been stewing over this sad & homely state of affairs for quite some time now.  Never mind that I have a posting schedule that could only generously be called haphazard.  Never mind that I go long stretches where the cleverest thing to cross my head is by jove, I've got it! Oatmeal for breakfast! I just keep pretending that if my blog was high-class, high speed and self-hosted (dontcha know) then I would absolutely be inspired to post every day.

So here is where I share exciting news:  do you remember katdish, who so kindly invited me to guest post last summer? At this very moment, she is hosting a giveaway on her blog - sharing the giveaway, in fact, with Peter Pollock - that offers the chance at a new life.  A new blog life anyway.

If I win [she fluttters hands over her chest excitedly] Kathy & Peter would help out with getting me switched over to Wordpress, sorting out my very own domain name, and getting the whole site hosted.  There are 3 separate prizes, and if you're at all interested I'd strongly suggest going on over there to check out what's going on.

Here's there deal:  I saw in my tea leaves the other day that I am totally going to win the Big Enchilada.  But... if you enter too you may be almost as lucky as me and win like, second or third prize.  And I promise I won't lord it over you on the winner's podium.  Scamper on over and check it out.  Tell 'em I sent ya.   But don't delay - the giveaway ends tomorrow!

In the meantime, I will carry on with my fake Gold Rush Miner accent and massacring metaphors here on my homely site,  counting the hours until I hit the bigtime.

So.  I'll let you know if the tea leaves were telling it straight.


The Empress said...

I hope you win.

I hope I win, too.

Ahm tiyred of mah homely ol' blog, too...donchaknow.

Peter P said...

I wish everyone could win....

Kristy said...

Wow - '05 and you're still at it! I'm thinking I'll probably do it for years too.

Bill D. said...

I'll be celebrating year ten this March, and I moved to a CMS after five, so I'd say you're right on schedule.

Even if you don't win the prize, consider moving to Wordpress on your own domain. It makes life easier and more flexible. And remember, you know more than one web developer...

katdish said...


I'm jotting down all the entries for the contest and numbering them so I can use a random number generator to pick the winner. If the grand prize were to be given for sheer volume of entries, you would win by a landslide!

I'll post the winners tonight. Good Luck!

A Simple Country Girl said...

I just came over from Kathy's...

boy, you have some smart tea leaves.

Congrats on winning. I reckon there is hope for us plain Janes after all.


Amanda said...

Ok, but don't go deleting your archives. I check back now and then for another look at photos, recipes, and reminiscences.

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