Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trying to Be Positive Here

So.  Winter is not taking our breakup very well.  In fact, as I look out the window at freezing rain coating the streets, I realize it is entirely possible Winter has decided to turn stalker, and seriously punish me for even trying to break up.

So I decided to try and find just a few things about Winter I can still appreciate, that'll get me through until I score a Restraining Order, or until the Vernal Equinox.  Whichever comes first.

1) Soup Weather.  It may be cold, we may be stuck inside with each other, but somehow it all fades away when we gather around bowls of steaming hot soup.  Tomorrow I'll share a recipe for one of my favorites.

2) Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day in the UK.  I guess down South they call it Fat Tuesday, the idea being that you use up all the butter and eggs before Lent.  I'm not so hardcore with the Lent thing, but hoo boy do I love some crepes for dinner.  Yes sirree. [Strictly speaking, with Easter so late this year, Pancake Day is March 8, which will be in spring-ish weather.  Can you tell I'm grasping at straws here?]

3) Coming inside to toasty warm houses.  That welcoming whoosh of hot air as you re-enter your home??  Loverly.  I mean, walking back in to an air-conditioned room after a steamy summer day? Also nice.  But walking into the warmth is particularly cozy.

4) Ice Skating.  The players of NilsenLife have just re-discovered this little diversion recently, and all three kids have taken to it like, well... like ducks to a frozen pond.  Cecilie doesn't think she needs lessons, because I'm about as fast as it gets!, she told us at dinner last night.

A little out of focus, but how sweet is that girl?  She insists on choosing skating outfits that are 'elegant for twirling.'

5) I'll get my money's worth out of this tricky snow gear I scored.  What, you thought I was kidding about getting Mama geared up for snow?  Well I was NOT.

Sometimes, when shopping clearance sales, it pays to be the biggest kid on the block.   Go me!

6) Reading.  Somehow everyone is much happier about cuddling up on the sofa to read a new story or listen to an old favorite when the weather outside is frightful. Summer reads for us are lighter, quicker, more on-the-fly.

7) Of course we can still count Valentines Day on our list of things to look forward to.  We've had a busy few days with stickers, scrap paper, glue sticks and glitter here at the Yellow House. Don't be offended if you don't get yours in the mail - the kids lose interest before it ever gets to addressing envelopes.  They are 'process people', apparently.

8) Last but not least we have the Dad of the Nilsen's birthday.  The kids and I love to plan a new theme every year, and as Cecilie gets older the themes only get more and more elaborate.  This year, my main man has requested a Beach Party.  Even the most stoic of Norwegians needs a little sand, sun and margarita in his February.


So that's it.  That's the very best I could do to find positive bits of winter to wax poetic about.  What about you, my lovely readers?  Can you think of anything I've missed?  Throw us a bone here - tomorrow's Groundhog Day and I will weep if that dumb rodent says 6 more weeks of winter.


Aliza said...

Love it! Soooooo true, especially about the reading. Even Leo, now, spends a good 30 minutes or so under a blanket reading Calvin and Hobbes! :-)

hezro said...

Can't wait to see your soup recipe!

Love this post! :)

erica said...

Great post- and now, I am hungry for pancakes.

Also, your daughter's skating attire? Lovely!

Tania said...

Love the idea of a new theme every year for dad's b day! love the post.

Denise said...

I say Brava for making Sno-Cones out of snow (the winter equivalent of lemonade out of lemons???). And I share the same love of the inherent coziness that winter imparts (as long as I'm coming in FROM the snow....)

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