Monday, February 21, 2011

Beach Blanket Bingo

Sometimes, there is deep meaning to a photo, profundity in a post.

Sometimes, a snapshot is just exactly that - a sliver of a moment, a tiny snatch of a silly birthday party in the dead of winter.  Mr NilsenLife welcomed one of the final years of his thirties yesterday, and we needed to greet a grim number like that with a heavy dose of tropical thinking.

the girls were in full-on swimsuit mode, Lars modestly stuck with just flip flops

each of the coasters is an atoll
sometimes, it really is as simple as making your own sunshine


Cheryl said...

Happy birthday to Torbjorn!

Could you define "one of the final years of his thirties" for me? It sounds like maybe I missed out on my own countdown. Way the freak back when.

Rose West said...

Great idea! Looks like fun... I'd like to do that here, only pretending its winter :)

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