Monday, November 10, 2008

Waterford Fair

Our faithful readers will know that checking in on Nilsen Life is like travelling through time. Today we'll take you to the first weekend of October...

One of our most favorite family traditions is the Waterford Fair that in it's 66th year provides for "the best three day country weekend ever!". The event consists of 155 artisans, many of national recognition, demonstrating techniques of traditional craftsmanship. Additionally, many of the village's federal brick houses, spacious Victorian homes, simple Quaker buildings, barns, Civil War and Quaker cemeteries, an old mill and a one-room schoolhouse are open to the public. (Yes, I ripped that off the website...)

The kids got to hone their rug weaving... decoration painting...
...and miniature broom making skills...
And also got to try their hand at some old fashioned grinding...
...and tractor riding
It is hard work living on a farm in the the 1930s... even need two to operate the equipment sometimes
...other times all you need are stilts

The picnic was almost as idyllic as the woodwind quintet in the background would suggest
For all I know the kids will have absolutely no recollection of all this when they grow old, except an embarrassing blog entry - so be it!

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