Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Annika's baptism

The family gathered to celebrate the baptism of Annika on October 19

Serious business this baptism stuff... (Kirsten is hiding in the wings with the [wiggly] star of the show)
The Star took it all in stride...
...and was on her very best behavior throughout, when it was over she even gave the crowd a big smile and clapped her hands enthusiastically.

Pastor Ken and daddy agreed that the holding of baby would be one person's responsibility and that worked out just fine... (but you can see Annika giving him her suspicious look)

Sadly, no photos of the brunch afterward. Farmor & Grandma did a beautiful job of catering things, the flowers were gorgeous, the food delicious. There was a minor drama: the electricity went out just as guests started arriving, and that meant our main entrees weren't baking quite like they should. Luckily, we have friendly neighbors with gas ovens, and they were happy to bake the eggs for us. Sadly, this minor hiccup led to warm Prosecco and so we had to skip the bubbly.

I like to imagine that when we get through an event without any photos, it means that people are so busy living in the moment that they simply forget their cameras. The day was very happy, very meaningful for us as parents as well as for Annika, and just a lovely time.

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