Saturday, September 6, 2008

We a MESS. but we FUN

Saturday morning found us in the grip of Hurricane Hanna (um, make that a tropical storm that dumped 1" instead of the forecasted 9"). Cabin fever was forecasted at The Yellow House, so I dug out an idea from my youth and told the kids to go out and get as wet and muddy as they could. The coup de grace was that I would fill Daddy's wheelbarrow with hot water and they could warm up in there.
Daddy put the idea Over The Top, however, by taking the kids on a tour of the neighborhood in their wheelbarrow bath, and they stopped at the Steins and the Coopers so that our friends could marvel at their good fortune.
Meanwhile, back at the house, Mommy recuperated from the wheelbarrow filling efforts by documenting the shoddy housekeeping that allows for this kind of Creative Family Living. Above, you will note the breakfast dishes forlornly waiting for attention, and the week's laundry waiting to be folded. (Haven't you heard? Its the latest in fine home fashion, the Combination Dining/Laundry Family Table)
Here we have the kitchen sink, waiting eagerly for the breakfast dishes but bordered with um, yesterday's dishes. On the left side of the picture you'll note the clean dishes, waiting to be put away - in The Creative Family, dishes are merely ballast, weighing down our higher thoughts & artistic impulses. Through the windows you will note the raging storm, although no trees ripped out by their roots yet.


Anonymous said...

World's BEST parents - and most precious children, too!

lady c said...

Good job creating lasting childhood memories of FUN!!!

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