Monday, September 8, 2008

First day in school

This girl was so ready, she woke before the rooster crowed, got dressed and was ready to go by 7.00. (This photo is pre-bib, which she grabbed off Annika's chair to make sure she didn't get any breakfast on her uniform.)
Her school does this thing where all the kids line up in the yard prior to walking in to class on the first day...
Ms Sullivan helping those final nerves dissipate with a welcome smile and a gentle voice ...
Ethan, Cecilie and Hannah still a little pensive
Mommy & Lars cheering her on as she gears up to go in.

Meredith, Lizzie, Hannah, Cecilie and Ethan ready to march in
Some determined steps
Walking past the Headmaster, Mr Buck


Lady C. said...

Another milestone!!

eileen said...

uniforms.... i like!

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