Monday, September 29, 2008


The party was so successful the present opening had to happen after the guests went home, but ohhhhhhhh, do Cecilie's friends know what she loves!
A gorgeous pink & purple tutu from Ellie (and her extremely talented designer-of-the-tutu mom), and here you have Cecilie opening a fancy pink satin cape from Lauren.
Any new tutu warrants a ballet recital, even if it is 9pm on your birthday night!

A grand & graceful exit from the party.


Jen C said...

I doubt I have seen a lovelier girl in a tutu! And look she flipped it over straight away no? Loooove the curtsy!

Anonymous said...

My precious first-born great-niecelet CANNOT be years old!!! But she's doing it with more grace than her Auntie is accepting it! That child is stunning! I love you all 5, don't ask for the order there, Dad!!

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