Sunday, September 7, 2008

Labor day weekend...

... means staying more out of the water than in the water at the pool...
...but most of all it means the State Fair, which is very exciting indeed
the trick is to see the animals first (this might very well be the state champion brown Holstein for all I know)
...but sooner or later the kids have had enough of cattle and we head for the inevitable

rides, they got to pick two each (not sure if we will get away with THAT next year...)
Guess who picked this one...;)
...and corn dogs...
The slide was Cecilie's choice
and let's just say she has a special gift - full concentration as she wins it by five lenghts, and then some
Another favorite is the pig races
...and here they come (the race was won by Barack ObHAMa...)
And the highlight! Swifty the swimming pot belly

but at the end of the day what excites these kids most are the wooden playstructures - no joke!


Jen C said...

Barack obHAMa! Hee hee hee!

lady c. said...

No candied apples???

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