Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Annika discovered the beach this year -and she was LOVING it, we could sit her down with the beach toys and leave her to happily poke around for hours (well, in baby time that is like 10 minutes...)
Sand everywhere didn't bother her a bit and although she mostly spent her time under the parasol...
...we pulled her out for photo ops
and walks on the beach
Lars likes the beach a lot, but after TWO wipe outs he gave up boogie boarding for the season and loved our new camping chair most of all, with TWO cup holders no less
Annika also loved the water
and would not be moved away from the break
as long as it was on the gentle side

Cecilie gained in confidence (even swam a couple of waves on her own), but mostly liked chasing treasures in the break
...and escaping before a wipe out
Simple tools make for good sand castles
after a careful start
We got more courageous
and ended up with a castle a little taller than Lars

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Anonymous said...

BEST ever pix! Those 3 Nilsen kids have their Auntie's heart melted in a puddle. Annika appears to have a personality that will eye the puddle and move on with her agenda. . .quite pretty under her pink "parasol" hat!! I'm so glad you are careful with her little self's skin!

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