Monday, January 30, 2006

More or less important information

I picked this up from a 15 old Norwegian, between the two of us I am not sure how much authority we have, but there you go:

There are over 2700 different languages in the world.
Basque, is considered the most difficult language to learn, it shares no similarities with any other language.
Somalia is the only African country where the population speaks the same language.
For each 100 girls there are 106 boys are born.
People drinking coffee are less likely to commit suicide.

The biggest toy distributor in the world is Mc Donalds.
The animal killing most humans every year is the mosquito.
Your blood is makes up about 8% of your total body weight.
More than 80% of your brain is water.
We are born colorblind.

You read this at about 75% of the speed you would read something on paper.
Men shave on average 20 000 times in their lifetime.
A city dog lives three year longer than a country dog.
A giraffe can live longer without water than a camel .
93 % of all cards are purchased by women.

Your desk contains 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet.
Barbie's full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.
Bill Gates' home was designed on a Mac.
Nintendo started making games in 1889.
Yellow houses sell faster than houses in any other colors.

Sony's first product was a rice cooker.
The most dangerous profession in the US is fishing.
Fiji is made up of 322 islands.
There are over 187 888 lakes in Finland.
There has been more than 190 coups in Bolivia since the nation became independent in 1825.

Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel in 1952, he declined.
Cleopatra married two of her brothers.
Richard Nixon's daughter married Dwight Eisenhower's grandson.
Humphrey Bogart and Diana were related.
The circumference of the moon is the same distance as from New York to London.

An average four year old asks 400 questions daily.
The Hollywood sign was erected in 1923, originally it said Hollywoodland.
The last Olympics where the gold medals were actually made of pure gold were in 1912.
Canada is the only country that has arranged an Olympic game and not won a single gold medal.
Between 1900 and 1920 tug of war was an OIympic sport.

The first televised Olympics were the games in Berlin, 1936.
Half of all Americans does not know that the sun is a star.
One of five Americans don't have a passport.
1000 times more chocolate is consumed in England than in China.
On average 0,7 % of the world's population will at all times be drunk.

Nine out of ten victims of shark attacks survive.
4 % of children are born on the date set by the doctor.
Women that read romantic novels has more sex than women not reading this type of literature.
Japan is the country in the world that consumes the most electricity.
Flying is the safest form of transportation in the world.

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Gasmeter said...

Regarding Olympic Games, it was only recently that I realised that the Winter Olympics were equal in status to the Summer Olympics.

I had always thought that the Summer Olympics were 'the Olympics', the MAIN Olympics, and that the Winter Olympics was just a baby brother tournament.

Now I realise that this is just because Britain is crap at Winter Sports, and therefore the media has always fostered that impression.

I suspect it was the direct opposite in Norway. Am I right?

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