Friday, January 20, 2006


Another from Cecilie:

All in the spirit of the Year of the Princess (most favourite being Cinderella), she has now started calling me Stepmother.

Sigh. This is in punishment for being at work all the time, as if I needed further proof that this particular parental compromise isn't working well.

On the upside, Stepmother is no longer allowed to make The Princess breakfast - 'Mommy' (aka Grandma) is the only one fit for the task. Thus letting me finish my coffee in peace and get more sloppy kisses from Lars. A small upside. Double sigh.


Linda said...

That's too funny. I already laugh enough at Reuben having a great time on holiday with his 'friends', Eileen and Sasha. He's prob delighted to being back home now with his real parents in the 2 houses in Bracknell...

Gasmeter said...

What are you working at all the time, Stepmother?

kirsten said...

I'm working RETAIL all the time, worse luck. Not even like I'm doing anything particularly fulfilling... The things we do to make a mortgage payment.

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