Friday, January 6, 2006

Baby Jesus

If christmas was half as overwhelming for anybody else it would explain why no one has been blogging across the world the last month or so...

Well, it is officially over, today the children in Puerto Rico got the presents the three kings left under their beds in return for some grass and water.

Hey ho, even we need to take the tree down... but not before Cecilie reminded her parents that tomorrow we should call Auntie Eileen and Uncle Sasha and thank them for our presents. "...but we need to talk quietly to them, so to not wake up baby Jesus --no no, baby Reuben..."

Had we had a digital camera we would at least be sharing some pictures... We'll dig around in our analogue archives to see what we can find, and we promise to get back into the rhythm of things... cross our hearts and all that!

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