Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Rock 'n Roll

Not having digital pictures to go with these posts sucks. For example, you guys are missing the Year of the Princess, with full princess dress (courtesy of Santa) and glass slippers whipped out for every occasion. She even managed to track down Princess Gummi Bracelets at the video store last night. ("Oooh, if we're watching videos with Grandpa we'll need junk food!")

And many of the Cecilieisms these days you have to be there to get the context (her syllogisms are just getting so complex...) But really, she is just so THREE:

Riding in the car today, I asked her if she knew what N-A-P spelled. "Bible?" she guessed. Confused, I said no, but then she launched into "The B-I-B-L-E, yes THAT'S the book for me!!!" [although her spelling is more like B-I-L-I-E, as in Cilie]. Anyway. I corrected the spelling, and got the standard Cecilie response to correction: Hmph. It was quiet a few seconds, and then she exclaimed "ROCK AND ROLL!!!" then launched into "rock and roll, yes THAT'S the word for me!"

Spent a rare day off with Grandma & the kids, shopping the clearance sales. 4pm found both kids giggling maniacally, hiding under racks of winter coats at LLBean and thinking they were very clever. But not really seasoned shoppers - both were exhausted and asleep by 6.30. Bless.


eileen said...

definitely need pictures!!!! oh to be shopping.... Kirsten, do you remember the 7 hours we spent at Bluewater?????? Hehe. Them were the dayzzzz. E xxx

Anonymous said...

from Maria: My favourite part of these blogs is hearing new Cecilieisms. Even above pictures, but they're definitely next:)

kirsten said...

Ah Bluewater. I miss the days of spending 7 hours on anything that was just for me!

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