Sunday, April 10, 2011

I think they call this 'Adventure'

Sucking my teeth, I look down at the brown mosaic tile.

Mommy!!!!!  I is STUCK! A three year old face peers out at me in the crack between door & stall frame.

Really sweetie?  No.  Just turn the handle.  Yep, just turn that silver circle, right there.

No I can't, I STUCK!

I walk away to set down the handsful of stuff I'm holding for her.  Cue panicky small voice:  MOMMEEEEEE!!  Where IS you?  Note to self:  will not be walking out of here to find a small-scale sibling to help.

I go back to the door, and to surveying the industrial brown tile.  Considering the elementary school bathroom stall, scaled down to accommodate even the smallest of kindergarteners.  Eyeing the 9 yards of fabric in the skirt of my Norwegian folk costume, worn for World Fair Day and our 'Norway' table.  Fully conscious of the walking cast on my right foot.


I drop all 6 feet of me onto that elementary school bathroom floor. grab the door frame and slide myself underneath that small-scale stall.  Good news:  door so low that I can reach up and unlock it - easily.  Bad news:  door does not open out.  Instead it swings in and cracks me on the noggin.  Must slide myself back out.  And promptly slam my cast against the opposite bathroom wall.  Ow.

Ms. Three is unscathed, and giggly:  I not need to pee, mama.  I change my mind.


Fifteen years married to Nilsen, and 8+ years of mothering: here's me thinking that climbing on my roof to break into my own house, flying to England with 2 kids under four, and breastfeeding on a speedboat in the rain might have filled my quota of mothering adventures. How foolish of me.

Anyway.  Here we have my favorite part of the week these days:  Stream of Consciousness Sundays.  A 5-minute brain dump is right about my speed.  Y'all should totally do it.



all.things.fadra said...

Oh but it's all worth it when I look at that photo (says me with no cast on my foot and not having recently had to crawl on a bathroom floor that was not my own).

And breastfeeding on a speedboat? Ouch.

Dave Cooper said...

This story is AWESOME.

From Tracie said...


These are the things that we never imagine ourselves doing before we become moms.

That is a really great picture, though.

Following HIM said...

LOVE this post! What a great adventure in the bathroom. :)


alisha said...

now THAT is an adventure worth having!

Marwin said...

Ah, well, so many things we didn't know that we signed up to... Well your is a wonderfully written example. And there's more in store! For instance, I became a paper-boy replacing my kids - interesting experience, esp. when somebody wants to tip you ; - )

The Empress said...

I want to do the stream of consciousness, but the things I think of.


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