Sunday, April 24, 2011

Church & Chocolate: The Easter Recap

So totally missed the Stream of Consciousness Sunday post last week when all y'all were seriously on the edge of your seats waiting to hear about the reunion.  But I was still reunionioning, people!  The ladies had one last night of antipasto and drinks before everyone returned to real life.

Determined to avoid that whole strike-while-the-iron-is-cold phenomenon this week, I'm going to go ahead and give you an Easter recap so that your teeth can ache too when you see all the sugar involved in the celebrating.

Ready?  Here goes.


Top Ten Observations about Easter 2011

10) Yet again I did not get my act together:  did not produce handmade & hand-decorated sugar cookies, origami paper carrots, or homemade hot cross buns. Til next year, then.

9)  No one likes hot cross buns.  Scratch last item off list.

8)  Filling Easter baskets without buying big-ticket items like a Wii console or a pony means either 1) small pieces of plastic junk they do NOT need but are wildly attracted to for 5 minutes or 2) going with the 99% sugar, 1% high fructose corn syrup solution.  We went with option 2 this year. Oh, and pencils.  Easter-themed pencils.

7)  They can spend the morning eating sugary items.  They can be offered cookies with brunch,  and chocolate rabbits until they bleed brown, and still at the end of Easter dinner one of them is guaranteed to ask me in a stage whisper "is there going to be any dessert?"

6)  You know an Easter sermon will stay with you all year long when it includes a Wittgenstein quote that moves you to tears.

5)  Six year old boys will still wear what their mother says, bless their cotton socks. Even if it means [gasp!] a sweater vest.  [what? pictures, you say?  well that would assume that the Nilsens could keep their act together from one Major Event to another & keep track of the cable to transfer pictures.  But I'm really not annoyed about it.  Not at all.]

4)  Matching Easter dresses makes the daunting task of raising girls pretty much worth it. [picture, you say?  see above.]

3)  Girls matching? Intentional.  That the entire family wore light blue? Vaguely silly and totally unplanned. But kinda cute.  [Really.  stop asking about the pictures.  It's becoming a sore point around here.]



Gah! Just like that, we are finished our five minutes, people, and me only at Number Three.  Sorry 'bout that.  I'll just let you get back to finishing your own Easter celebrations (or not).  I myself am heading to finish off those Malted Milk Robins Eggs.  Arguably the best Low Quality High Chemical Candy Product on the market.


Mom Hearts Pinot said...

That was very entertaining! I enjoy your writing!

Alita said...

Your wrap up is a breath of fresh sugary air. I also concur, by the way, the boys ate so much chocolate but were still asking for dessert after dinner. Crazy! Right? Probably not, but thank goodness Monday is right after Sunday and we can lay the smack down (No more chocolate unless you eat all your breakfast, lunch, & dinner)

Ps. Don't feel bad about the pictures. I put the camera down intentionally during Christmas time. It felt good, and that says a lot for me since I love photography.


all.things.fadra said...

10) I did everything Easter-related late the night before. Fail. A little.

8) First time I ever went big ticket. Mainly because I wanted something other than candy in his basket. Instead he got both.

7) Yes. Totally.

4) I always wanted matching Easter dresses!!!

The Empress said...

Oh, the quote,please, my dear, THE QUOTE~!

Amanda said...

SO with you on the hot cross buns, but Easter dresses on little girls don't have to be matching--they're worth all the future teen drama anyway.

--And we've been having something of a sweater-vest-FEST this spring on wee Mr. B. Too cute. Thank God for E-bay. Today's choice: a vintage fire engine motif that set me back more on shipping and handling than it did for the actual winning bid. SWEET!

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