Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Big Reveal

Patent leather. 

Say that to almost any female of a certain age, and immediately she'll conjure images of party shoes, of shiny church shoes with a neat little strap over their arch, and ruffly socks.   Pretty.  Shiny.  Special.  Patent leather, people.  

They're high - a solid 3" at least, and let me tell you, at nigh on six feet I really don't need the extra inches (ba dum dum), but it sure is fun.  A platform toe, a nice line to the heel... we're talking a really beautiful shoe.  For bonus points, there is (I kid you not) Nike Air technology in the heel which may or may not make me want to bust out in a jog on the way into church.

Some of my most faithful readers may remember the long-ago posts about my quest for the perfect black shoe (Part I here, and Part II here).  What most of you won't know is that the search has continued for two long years.  Two years, people!

I finally broke down & made the commitment this week.  I hear you fashionistas out there sucking your teeth and thinking 'Really?  TWO YEARS to come up with these?'  Let's just say I don't enter into a shoe purchase lightly or unadvisedly.

Finally, order is restored to the Universe, and NilsenLife can continue its little orbit.   Kirsten's got herself a new pair of shoes.


Varda said...

OK, first off, I'm a little envious of you, getting to rock those classy pumps. (see, I know the difference between envious and jealous) (yes, I'm a word geek) (actually I'm a little jealous, too, they get to hang out with you & I don't.) OK, now that I've thoroughly insulted the English language with my multiple parenthetical asides, here's my point about your patent pumps: I can't wear the damn things myself, and you wear them so elegantly. So I'll just have to enjoy them vicariously, through you. Because I do so like a nice shoe.

Also, I had no idea you were six feet. And tall girls should wear heels. Just because. And please please please do come to New York City to visit sometime soon. And bring your patent pumps. Because I like walking the streets of New York with women who are six foot three. That is all.

CaraBee said...

They're delicious! Now we need a girl's night out so you can wear them!

Anonymous said...

That, my friends and gentle readers, is one gorgeous pair of feet! And she passed them on, generously, to her lovely daughter! I'm thankful for my own "blocks" but plan to have exquisite feet someday when I get a new body!

katdish said...

I love a good black shoe. I have big feet, so it's hard to find a nice pair. I've found the saying, "If the shoe fits, it's ugly" true in my case.

I'm not as tall as you are, but I still like wearing heels on occassion. There's something sort of enpowering about towering over people. Which is also why I drive a gas guzzling SUV.

joya said...

LOVE those shoes!

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