Sunday, December 20, 2009

Simplicity, the Holiday Version

One of my favorite blogs recently is SimpleKids, which is an offshoot of SimpleMom. Both are awesome, but SimpleKids has so much that's relevant to my life right now.

Recently SimpleKids posted on something relevant to my life at this very moment. Who among us is not struggling with feeling that there should be just one more gift, that there is one more sweet decoration that, if bought, would bring the whole theme together. Honestly? I'm still stressing about a present for my husband - and yes, now you mention it it is getting a bit late in the day.

Anyway. Head on over and read their post on keeping your holiday simple, no matter how close to Christmas, no matter how (un)prepared things might be. There is also a great link in their post to Zen Habits, which I've linked to before. Another great site for keeping things focused on what's important.

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Brandon said...

more and more simplicity

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