Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Crock Pot Blogging

Here's the the thing about blogging every day:  sometimes, your ideas come out half cooked.  Sometimes, you end up serving up a meal of empty calories, instead of something people can really sink their teeth into.

My favorite posts last month were those that have been simmering in the back of my mind for a good long time.   The WWJD post was written back in June, just waiting for the time when all the seasonings were just right, and the ideas were ready for serving;  the ideas in What Is  spent their fair share of time in the mental Crock-Pot as well.

We have a friend who is a 'real' writer  (published by Cambridge University Press, natch!), and years ago over a few drinks we hashed over the idea of 'what to publish first' - your very best idea?  Then you run the risk of being the Rick Astley of the publishing world:  a great big nothing for your sophomore effort.  Maybe, we decided, it was smarter to keep your best idea in your back pocket, and market your 2nd or 3rd best concept in the hopes that'll get people hooked enough to buy the Great American Blog. (Or Novel, whatever.)

This is all to say that, whilst there is a whole books' worth of ideas waiting in my Drafts folder,  methinks they need a little more simmer time.  (Having hooked you with my 2nd and 3rd best ideas. ha.)

Cheryl over at Special Sauce has an intriguing reflection today on whether size matters (blog size, you understand).  I am definitely the long-winded variety of blogger.  Which really means, if you're going to go on for that long, you better have something pretty freaking good to say.  I'm taking some time, folks, to make it worth saying.

Seasoned with sleep, leavened with laughter - good cooking, be it metaphorical or just plain yummy, is worth waiting for.

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Cheryl said...

What's funny is that I do not consider you long-winded at all. Even though you DID publish 2,000 more words than me last month ;) Anyway, IMHO, I wouldn't hold my best idea back to try to get by with my 2nd or 3rd. I'm not saying to just throw it out there without portraying it just the way you want, but don't wait too long - some ideas do take longer to simmer. But it's like the product that someone makes millions on - the one YOU thought of a few years ago but never quite got it together...

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