Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring has sprung

and that means springing for your spiffiest church outfits when the sun warms the morning.

This dress is a stunner, bought for Cecilie but never worn, if you can believe it. What can I say, I had some 'bows & lace' issues, back in the day. Luckily the Costume Designer at the Yellow House got her second chance, and Annika might have to wear this every Sunday to make up for poor judgement in Mommy's past. But oh wait, there are 78 other pretty dresses Cecilie never got to wear that Annika has to wear!
And who says bows & lace keep a girl from getting the job done?

My gorgeous boys - they're keepers, the both of 'em. (Although I will say that 36 is an easier age to live with than 4.)

1 comment:

L-A said...

I don't know how you dressed C. back in the anti-dress days, but I love how you dress them now!

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