Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Like herding cats

You don't see lots of pictures of my younger brother Jon on here. Um, mainly because all we seem to do is photograph kids kids and more kids. (And cut & paste pictures of Peeps...). But the other reason is that Jon is our family's Make It Happen Guy. Might be the Marine training, might be his job as Aide de Camp to the General [ahem] [forgive me, I'm bragging], might just be the need to step into the - how to say this? - familial organizational void.

So as he gets busy making stuff happen, often the rest of us are able to sit back & enjoy the fruits of his organization. This Easter, our bonnets are off to you, Jon - for getting us all to the venue on time, for finding an on-site egg hunt for the kids, and finally, for (in your own words) "herding a bunch of #$(*&^% cats!"

But look at these angels: wasn't it worth it?? Thanks Jon!


jonandkierstin said...

Love it! I will make sure Jon sees this post :)

L-A said...

I love the girls' dresses - although, let's face it, they ALL look adorable. I wish people in these parts knew how to dress their kids for events (but I will not start a rant). Looks like they had a fun day!

kirsten said...

L-A, there are very few people who dress kids for events these days. The fact that all 5 cousins were DRESSED TO THE NINES was a truly concerted effort by their grandma whose heart is truly warmed by seeing them all spiffed up. And it really is sweet to see, to be honest. The dress made Cecilie happy for WEEKS before Easter. "And it has a sash on the back and puffed sleeves and EVERYTHING!!"

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