Monday, April 20, 2009

Larscelieisms - they're thick & fast these days

Cecilie finally, finally realized she could read this week. Now it is non-stop reading street signs, menus, Mom's notes to herself, book titles: anything with the printed word. She offered to read her Grandma & Grandpa an old classic "Are You My Mother?", and, as with most Early-Reader books, there was a great deal of 'he said' going on. She got through about half the book, and after the 46th 'he said' she looked up and asked "do you mind if I just say 'avowed' there, instead of 'said'? It would be so much more interesting!"

Lars got the movie Shrek in his Easter Basket, and evidently the Easter Bunny hadn't been aware of just how scary Lars finds Shrek. After the initial disappointment in the Easter Bunny's lack of omniscience, Lars was happy to agree to exchange. I asked if we should go this week to find a different DVD. He looked up, alarmed, and exclaimed "But we still don't know where the Easter Bunny's Target is!!!"

And finally, on the 40 minute trip south to Grandma's house, we pass the time making up all manner of games. As we get close, the kids play the game of 'spot the things you recognize.' Recently, we spotted "Grandma's" donut shop, "Grandma's" farm store, "Grandma's" stoplights, etc. At the final traffic light, Cecilie looked around her and exclaimed "Well! In all my long life, I have NEVER seen any of these cars before!"

I believe in reincarnation more every day. It's the only explanation.


Kelli said...

It's funny to hear your little C just figured out that she knows how to read, because in our world, our little Kai truly believes he can read, but he can't. He announces to everyone that he can read and he even reads books to Maija and anyone else that will listen.

kirsten said...

well as they say on GI Joe, 'knowing is half the battle'. Kai just knows The Secret! He believes, and therefore IT WILL BE. That's hilarious. Maija must love it.

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