Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Interesting Question Asker

Reading time with the kids tonight: the books of choice are Cinderella and I Drive A Bulldozer.

C: Did George Washington have any girls?
M: Ummmmmmm....maybe?
C: Is this Cinderella story set in George Washington's time? Because I think the clothes look the same. Especially Cinderella's dad. I mean father.
Moving on to the bulldozer book then. Should be much more straightforward.

Relatively simple narrative complete, we arrive at the final page, where the reader is required to identify all the parts of the machine, and highlight the 'factoids' about bulldozers.

C: Mommy, what's a hydraulic? How does it work?
M: You know what Cecilie? You have asked a lot of really interesting questions today. I will check it out tonight on the computer so we can learn the answers tomorrow.
L: [in his quiet little way] Well... what I want to know is how those levers makes the hydraulics work.
C: [totally outraged, and genuinely wounded] LAAARS! You are not allowed to ask interesting questions! I'm the Interesting Question Asker!


hezro said...

I *love* the stuff kids come up with! Aren't blogs great for keeping track of all of it?! ;)

kirsten said...

fantastic tool, because otherwise this stuff would never get written down. Someday the kids may take issue with me entertaining the general public with their lives, but... so what.

L-A said...

Christopher Robin Milne apparently had some deep seeded issues with it - but then it was other kids who read (and teased him about) his stories, not responsible, sympathetic adults!

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