Saturday, July 12, 2008

Last traces of the (1st) baby girl...

Inasmuch as this blog serves as our unofficial baby book for all 3 kids at once, we've been reflecting on the last few words that remain from Cecilie's early vocabulary:

"bonk beds"

this doesn't count all of the hilarious interpretations of song lyrics - a whole blog in itself - but it is quite sweet that our stickler for pronunciation (Daddy gets corrected most often) hangs on to these few.

Lars doesn't have as many noticeable words like this (AMINALS seems to have worked its way through to him too), but our favorite is "gubblegum". Makes me smile just typing it...


eileen said...

i've just caught up on the last 8 entries or so - priceless!

L-A said...

Gubblegum! That one's a keeper :)
One of my own childhood favourites was "beeps" instead of grapes. I think you should do a blog entry on your own early vocabularies, in contrast (although I probably won't understand Torbjorn's anyway!).

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