Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ballerinas galore: Cecilie's First Ballet Recital 5/31/08

She's an enthusiastic dancer, and let's just say... marches to her own beat. (In the following photos, just look for the girl doing the opposite of everyone else..)

Family Nilsen rolled up on the Big Night having forgotten the tights, the special socks, and worst of all - the bouquet for a special ballerina! However, the universe, and the Coopers specifically, were looking out for us, and had extra tights/socks and Torbjorn made a last-minute dash to get flowers.

The recital was adorable, and we couldn't have been more proud. When asked what her most favorite part was, she thought for a minute, and said "getting the flowers from Daddy & Grandpa." [whew! it was SO worth it!] And then added "oh yeah, and the ice cream after!"

So for a first time out, a happy time was had by all, and she seemed quite pleased. We're signed up for next year!

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L-A said...

She's just meant to be a soloist, obviously!

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