Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A collection of pool memberships

I have this theory about surviving the Maryland summer: you're either a Water Person, or a Land Person. I was at dinner with some friends early in the spring, and when the subject came up, the table was neatly divided: 2 of our fivesome groaned and declared they couldn't think of anything more tedious than spending the summer poolside. 2 of us admitted that we were counting down the days to chlorine-scented towels and whistles blowing 'adult swim'.

No value judgements here: I am just a water person. I've spent my whole life in the water: beaches, lakes, rivers, pools, puddles... So pool life was just a given as far as I was concerned, when it came to embracing Suburban American Life.

And this excessively long lead-in is to give back story to the fact that, through the unique (read: sloppy) machinations of Nilsen Household Management, we found ourselves joined up at not one, but TWO pools this summer. Short version of the story is that we thought we'd never move up the two year waiting list at the Catonsville pool, so joined Grandma's pool for a last season.

So here is our girl doing the super hero jump in to the pool...
...and the back stroke

The day these pictures were taken we got the call that we had actually made the top of the list in Catonsville. Good for us, not so good for grandparents wanting swimmers down south.

Here's a sweet girl who is also turning in to a bit of a swimming nymph (although not quite doing the superhero jump yet...)
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