Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Larsisms (he's 3, they're never ending!)

We've been working with Cecilie on 'ladylike' behavior (you know, the basics: wearing underwear every day, not stripping on the pool deck, etc.). So one night at bathtime, she wondered "Mommy, do you ever show your underpants to the world when you're wearing a dress?" I responded with the requisite negative, and Lars, hopping into the tub, tossed out "NEVER SAY NEVER!"

(at this point of course, I thought of my friend Jen's chapel story...)


C: Hey Larsie, let's play piggie back!
L: Yeah, let's do that!
[much hilarity as big sister totes him around the kitchen]
C: Okay, let's switch.
[3 seconds of grunting, Cecilie giggling as he collapses under her dead weight]
L: [grumpy] I don't wanna be the piggie.......


Lars' increasing need for independence is best reflected in his favorite phrase "by my own". This is used when wanting to do something himself, or when wanting to be left alone, or objecting to being left "all by my own!"

One morning Cecilie was the Garbo, 'vanting to be alone', and her devoted brother wanted to play with her. Cue much shouting, whining, etc. and Cecilie yells "I thought you wanted to be all by my own!" and Lars shouts back "NO! I want to be all by your own!!!"

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