Wednesday, July 28, 2010


They didn't think anyone was listening.  Two waiters, gossiping over the canape trays whilst they waited for more bruschetta and mini quiche.

They're so cute, aren't they??
Yeah... they are.
You know, a lot of these gigs you totally know the couple's not going to make it past five years.  But this couple?  You can just tell they're going to make it. They're for real.

Two catering waiters, maybe working a summer job to get back to Georgetown in the fall.  They passed judgement on this young couple, in the midst of the happiest night of their life, passed judgement without emotion, without investment.

What they didn't know was that the best man stood directly behind them, waiting to refill his gin & tonic from the secret stash in the fridge (woot! for non-alcoholic weddings).    He heard them, and his heart swelled.  Because he knew too - he knew this couple was the real deal. He knew that they would fight and they would cry and they would laugh - laugh so much -  and they would be broke and they would be rich.  They would be rich in all they needed.

He knew they would make it.  And on the eve of their 14th anniversary, he emailed this:  "happy anniversary my dears. love you guys!  you have - and are going to - make it."

see the brand-spankin-new wedding band? ooh, shiny!

Happy Anniversary - happy anniversary to the man who makes me laugh, who makes me crazy, who is my biggest champion and my very best friend.  This year we earned it, my love.  May fourteen be the smallest drop in a huge bottomless bucket of anniversaries.


johnwairephoto said...

happy anniversary!

Jeanne Damoff said...

Love it! Happy Anniversary. :)

Cheryl said... sweet! Congrats and happy anniversary!! Love the pics, btw!

Lori-Anne said...

Here's to happy endings and marriages that get better with age! Happy anniversary you guys <3

Varda said...

Happy Happy Anniversary! 14 is now your lucky number.

Jon Endre said...

Happy 14th Anniversary!

Missy said...

How cute are you guys?? Happy Anniversary!

We're closing in on 14 years, too. Hard to believe, and yet I never doubted it.

diane said...


Duane Scott said...

Happy Anniversary! And great story!

Robert said...

ahhh, I love you both. congratulations! you continue to inspire and delight me.

Billy Coffey said...

Happy Anniversary! Those two waiters were right. You guys look great together.

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

I'm sending a belated Happy Anniversary. It's true you can see when it's real. Congratulations! Enjoy your next fourteen.

Keda said...

happy anniversary! 14 years is almost forever in today's day and age, so very well done indeed.

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