Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Supertasting - the NC17 post

Don't know if you saw this in the news today - a little piece on 'supertasters', and a study that has been released indicating that genetically, certain people are more likely to prefer highly salted foods.

Tonight, in honor of all those salty supertasters out there, I thought I'd offer you a few links that are a little (ok, a lot) saltier than you would typically run across here on the NilsenLife posts.  I'm not just being sensational - a few of these really are outrageous, but they made me laugh until I snorted and then maybe I laughed some more.

Seeing as how I've been stalking the friendly guys over at Trader Joes, it brought to mind a long-ago post from Sweatpants Mom: Soy Rage - The Dark Secret of Trader Joes.  Apparently, things are much less friendly in Californian Hawaii-shirtland. This one, not so salty - maybe just ... savory.

These next two posts are for the ladies. If you were thinking about the swimsuit season and how one might [ahem] prepare, I give you Mommy's Still Fabulous's take on things: A Little off the Bottom.  And if that isn't enough to convince you of the rewards of heading south, try Blog Dangerously's The Girl from Ipanema or, How to say "F*** THAT HURTS!" in Portuguese.  

And finally, Valentine's Day is long gone, but this post from Redneck Mommy about a gift her husband heard about through "the boys at work" had me weeping - literally weeping - with laughter.  It is truly truly beyond the pale for some of my more refined readers.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

It's Wednesday.  What else were you going to do??


Cheryl said...

I was in TJs today and I actually thought of you because one of the checkout guys asked a MALE customer, "So, you're having linner!" And the customer was all "What?" and the checkout guy was all, "you know, lunch and dinner! Linner!" Just thought you'd want to know they're friendly to everyone, not just MILFs! ;)

diane said...

read every single blog. they are SO SO funny. great stuff.

LoveFeast Table said...

I know it's Thursday, but thanks for the laughs today! Hysterical!

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