Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

It is an incredibly disturbing thought to a 21 year old.

You're hanging out with your new-ish boyfriend, he's helping you babysit two funny little boys that you've watched forever, and instead of taking the odd moment to notice your guy's broad shoulders or razor-sharp cheekbones, the thought that pops into your head, entirely unbidden is I bet he'd be an incredible father.

What?!?! Where'd that come from?

It took a little over seven years from that day to see his parenting in action.  But from the very first day - the day our baby arrived five weeks early and Torbjorn had to hop on a plane from Ireland to get to the hospital on time - from the very first day he has been incredible.

Kids love this man:  he's sillier than a 5 year old, he'll almost always read 7 stories instead of 3, and he has no hesitancy in doing a diving roll on the grass to announce his arrival home from work.

Under all the fun, however, are the qualities that make him an incredible father:  his fathomless patience, a quirky perspective on the world, a curiosity that trumps caution [yes, it's a good thing because I'm cautious enough for the both of us], and at his very core, a profound love and respect for the state of childhood.

He is a tremendous father.  I'm lucky to be along for the ride.


Jen C said...

Happy Father's Day Torbjorn!

Anne-May Müller said...

Kirsten, you made me cry ... again!

Thanks for sharing - and thanks for taking care of the father of this home tomorrow :-)

Cheryl said... sweet! Happy father's day to Torbjorn!

hezro said...


Varda said...

Lovely, just lovely. Happy Fathers Day.

diane said...

This is great. It's such a gift to have a father of your children who is like that.

Lizzie said...

What a beautiful post.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What any amazing dad! Stopping from SITS!

diane said...

very nice. it's so wonderful to have both a father and a husband who are incredible fathers.

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