Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines, Yellow House Style

I've mentioned before how much fun we have here at the Yellow House marking the seasons, and taking time to celebrate the small joys and bright spots of our days. Valentine's Day is certainly one of those chances: we've had a table full of felt, googly eyes, ribbon and construction paper for weeks, as we each worked on projects for friends, far away family, and for each other.

(Doesn't mean that kept me from staying up until 1.30 the night before glueing together the kids' Valentine's cards, or from resorting the the card aisle at Target for Torbjorn's. Sigh.)

I limit it to a box, one storage container. All things hearts cupids and luuuurrve that can fit into the 32 gallon container make up our Valentines Box, and it's heralded with great joy each February 1st.

We repurpose a few old Christmas lanterns still hanging about, and make dinner time special with candlelight.

This year, we had a fancy Valentine's Tea Party with five of Cecilie's friends. Our guests were asked to bring valentines for each other, and to wear pretty dresses. They crafted sparkly butterflies, they curled their pinkies around their tea cups, and swirled colored sugar into their peppermint tea. It was all very grown-up, and very sweet indeed.


Cheryl said... sweet! I need to do that for Sage when she's 7!

Laura said...

This is a wonderful idea for little ladies. As we have 3 girls, I want to do this next year! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

You are amazing! I am incredibly impressed with your creativity. Looks like the tea party was a huge success! Love the picture.


Debi said...

Oh, I miss tea parties! We had them often and I enjoyed them as much as the girls. :) My 'baby' girl is 16 now - so we go out for tea. Keep building memories - great blog - my first stop by. I'll be back.

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