Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh Lookee Thar, she's posted


Guess you're super glad you signed up to follow me during my Lenten Facebook absence.  'Cause there's just been some crazy mad blog-posting around here, right?


oooh, was that a Bugs Bunny-esque tumbleweed I just saw?


Suffering some pretty major blog-istential angst over here at the Yellow House.  And yeah, for those blogs in the world without a 'theme', per se, that means minutes/hours/days pass with incredibly unhelpful inner dialogues like this one:

oooh, I know, Self.  You could post about this!  This would be a great post! 
Yeah.  But.... no.  The Bloggess already posted about that.  And it might be a little irreverent.
[10 minutes later]
oooh, I know, Self! [cue even perkier, more enthusiastic tone] What if you finished up that great pulling-in-history but reflecting-on-future post that you were noodling over last week?
ooh yeah! Oh. No.  It's a little ... self indulgent, isn't it?  I mean, who wants to hear just about me me me all the time? I guess Mommy Bloggers are really more the 'thing' nowadays. I'm not so good at that. Hmm, but not that good at any theme, come to that.
[heavy sigh] Right. Well.  Didn't you JUST post on how you've gotten too serious?  Can't you just do a silly funny post?   What about your kids?  Haven't they done ANYTHING funny in the last week?
Yeah. Well.  I think it isn't very nice to read a bragging-disguised-as-funny post.  I mean, that's just so bourgeois.  I want to be, you know,  real.

At this point, Perky Encouraging Self gets completely hacked off with Negative Angsty Self and huffs away, leaving NAS to its own (non-productive and self-defeating) devices.

This is all way before we get into the late-night questions of What To Call Blog Should I Ever Post Again, and Why Am I Taking This Non-Paying Gig So Seriously? (Especially when there is a big huge OTHER non-paying gig called Mothering that started, oh, an hour ago and finishes in, like, NEVER.)

I woke myself up last night with these ridiculous questions, and laid in bed trying to think of a post, ANY POST, that would get me over the hump of Amateur Writers Block without sounding completely whiny and self-absorbed. I ended up putting myself back to sleep thinking of synonyms for Self Absorbed. [FYI: egoistic, narcissistic, ooh, and my favorite:  vainglorious.]

Hmph.  So I'm headed off to my first blog conference in just over a week, and I will be turning up to network with 100 other women about a blog that 1) has no recent posts and 2) needs a good name-change/reason for being. Hmph.  Sounds like a totally productive social media event, dontcha think?

Of my many personalities, you get to meet Sourpuss Kirsten this evening.  So, that was worth doing, right?  Just check with Torbjorn, he'll be full of jolly examples to back up this particularly joyful aspect of Life With Me.

And just because I love to spread rays of sunshine wherever I go, I will leave you with that.

[ok, so the only Official Sourpuss photo of me I could track down was from Junior year. But believe me, I'm pissed off waaaaay more often. Just no pictures. Really.]


Cheryl said...

We must talk.I have some words for you.

Wait. That sounded cryptic. But it'snot. (did that make you giggle? I wrote SNOT!)

SITSGirls said...

This post is hilarious.

Since I haven't posted in like 2 months and I am hosting the that social media conference- what does that say??!!

I can't wait to meet you.

Reading this makes it official- you are so my people.


Jennifer said...

Lol! That is the best non-post I ever read.

Mandy said...

New blog name, what to write about, why am I stressing? Yep, got em all. But, then a wave of calm runs over me and I realize I could really care less. For an hour or so, at least. ;)

Plus side - you are quite funny when you're having these thoughts! See you in Baltimore!

Anonymous said...

How can one appreciate sweet if there is no sour?

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