Tuesday, February 2, 2010

S'wonderful, s'marvelous.. It's Classic Play!

Do you remember your first love?  That kid who sat next to you for circle time at preschool? I sure do.  It's that time of year, where we start thinking about luuuuuuuuuurve and all the sweet things associated with it.

The astoundingly creative minds over at Classic Play are celebrating the release of The Love Issue by launching a bright shiny new blog to showcase it.

The writing is beautiful, the photography stunning and clearly, so much thought has gone into the design of the entire site.  Run run run and check it out right now!  While you're there, you'll find a few words from yours truly about my First Love, along with great craft projects, Valentines to print out, and lots of other cracking articles.

Here's a little sample of the Family Date Night photo spread: 

Sweet girls, a sweet idea, and a wonderful site to bring it all to us.  Hip hip hurray for Classic Play!


Hollie said...

Ahh...sweet childhood love. So innocent and pure. Don't you wish we could hang on to that longer?

David H said...

I never went to preschool with you Kirsten and I certainly wouldn't have sat next to some forward girl at circle time.

kirsten said...

Oh, if only you weren't so discerning, Mr Hughson. (Didn't have the column inches to go into college crushes....)

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