Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Entertaining Simply (what a novel idea)

Lest my readership think that I indulge in Harvest Festivals and Trash Bashes on a regular basis, to be perfectly honest generally what passes for 'entertaining' at my house involves beer, guacamole, and takeout pizza. (This is known as Friday Happy Hour, Catonsville Style. Anyone passing through Catonsville between 4 and 8 on a Friday evening is welcome! If you can't find me here I'm up at Betsy's house...)

But I like to imagine that someday I'll return to the epic Thanksgiving Feasts of yore. The pursuit of the perfect chrysanthemum for a centerpiece. The butcher paper artfully tossed down the center of the table as a runner.... aah. Right after I land my dream job as editor in chief of Not Martha Magazine.

Anyhoo. In pursuit of these pipe dreams, I came across a great giveaway. A fave blog of mine, Restyled Home, has turned me on to Matthew Mead and his fab ideas. He has just published this book:
Don't the cover photos just make you want to invite people over for a 'simple' dinner party? A girl can dream, right? The author seems like a sympathetic guy, no?

And lest these 2 photos have not convinced you, let me just post some final, random photos that I love. I'm sure Annika would take 4 hr nap so that I could put this together for her baptism party, right? Do you see yourselves laughing and noshing in my living room, just like this??

You can buy this gorgeous tome at bookstores in the US and Canada, and on Matthew Mead's website: http://www.entertainingsimple.com/index.php?option=com_flippingbook&book_id=2&Itemid=1

And just because you all were patient enough to read through my most recent daydreaming, I've gotten myself entered into a contest to win this book! Hurray for internet giveaways. And for blogging the night away....


restyled home said...

What a fun post! I bet your house is the "fun" house, no matter how fancy the food! I am a potluck girl myself, and fancy stuff sends me running for the hills.
I drink cheap, fizzy wine and people tease me that I must figure I'm back in college...no matter, if it ain't simple, it ain't happening!!

Thanks for joining in!

Kierstin said...

I do remember the epic Thanksgiving dinners are your house in Reading, HOWEVER.... There is always yummy food and loads of fun to be had at your post-kids house in Catonsville too :) Can't wait to see you all next Sunday (if not before then!). Love you guys!

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